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The Rushing Warlord! - My guide to Defender. :D

The Rushing Warlord! - My guide to Defender. :D

Unread postby darristan » Sat Oct 02, 2010 8:21 pm

So far I've played most of the RYL Private Server and found how useful is Defender, they are mostly top player at each server.
Of course, I had played Defender in plenty Stats Build. Let me share it here. :D

Status Points
I've seen there's a lot of Defenders are using 168 CON, 200 DEX, Rest STR build. Yeah, you can run really fast with 200 DEX. Maybe you had the highest Critical Rates and Movement Speed. But you lost the damage, main damage. In my mind, the followed build is the best for newbies and ranked players.

188 STR
155 DEX
165 CON
21 INT
20 WIS

With this build, you can have a great run speed with your skill 'Charge', high damage and the 2nd highest tier armor (165 CON) with great defense rate. Hmmm, why 21 INT? In a long battle, you'll find out how useful is 1.3 Dark Power.

Skills Build for Defenders are almost same for everyone, there's only few skills for Defender.

4.6 Pummel (Forceful Blow)
4.6 Bloody Moon (Full Swing)
4.1 Burden of Life (Shared Torment)
4.6 2H Axe Mastery
1.1 Vampire Kiss
1.3 Bloody Mana

Why 1.1 Vampire Kiss? It wasn't for the war, vampire kiss is build for luring monsters while hunting. :D
1.3 Bloody Mana gave you 400~700 Mana with almost 0 HP costs. (Your HP Recovery overrides it.)

The best equipment settings for build above is very easy to hunt and enchant too! :D

Helmet : Priestess Hat (131 DEX) with 20 Extra Defense and 35 Recovery Rates, use a Ruby on it.
Armor : Fervor Armor (165 CON) with highest stats and put Rubies on it.
Weapon : Dark Axe (188 STR) with highest stats and put Blackmoons on it.
Shield : Saint Tower-Shield (136 CON) with highest defense rates (Should be 15.5 Block Rates) and put Rubies on it.
2nd Weapon : Crusade Axe (188 STR) with highest stats and put Blackmoons on it.
Gloves : Gauze Glove (155 CON) with 13 Defense, 14 Extra Defense and 1 Magic Resistances.
Shoes : Hero's Boots 3 (150 CON) with 14 Defense, 15 Extra Defense and 1 Magic Resistances.

Necklace : Defense Necklace with 2 Extra Defense or Necklace of Health which gives 2% of Block Rates.
Rings : Attack Ring with 2 Extra Attacks or Ring of Caernarvon with 5 Magic Resistances.

None :D

These are all my personal opinion in RYL, no offense! Peace.
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Re: The Rushing Warlord! - My guide to Defender. :D

Unread postby Chunny » Fri Dec 03, 2010 11:36 am

Ring Of Ryl +1 better or EA ring ? for Defender
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